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    • Custom Narrowed Pinto Style Manual Rack

    • Adjustable Bump Steer / Tie Rod Kit

    • Rack Clamp and Rack Mount Plate

    • 3/4″ Chrome-Moly Steering Shaft and Shaft Brace

    • 3 Chrome-Moly U-Joints

    • Aluminum Steering Arms (Designed for use with TRZ Spindles and TRZ A-arms – Front Steer)

    • Welding Required

Note:  This 320-3 Rack Kit is designed for use with custom TRZ A-arms and TRZ Spindles.  We can custom build the A-arms to use Camaro Style Ball joints, which will then allow the use of this Front Steer Rack kit and our TRZ 325-1 / 325-2 Drop Spindles.  We DO NOT have a rack kit available for Stock Type A-arms and Stock Spindles.  PLEASE CALL WITH ANY QUESTIONS!
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