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About EKR


We are a family-owned company based out of Vero Beach, Florida. We fabricate and sell some of the best stock suspension components in the industry. Not limited to stock suspension. Over the years we have partnered with most of the industry-leading manufacturers to offer our customers the best options for cars.

We use our racing success and experience to provide knowledge to help our customers succeed and be successful with their goals. We offer parts and services for most do domestic and some import cars. We are always updating equipment and tooling to make the company more efficient at getting final products to our customers.

I am personally from Detroit, Michigan where most of my family at some point worked for one of the big 3 automobile manufacturers. I grew up racing with my dad on Gratiot and Woodward. During and after high school I really developed a desire for racing. Mostly self-taught with some help from good friends we became Eric Kenward Racing.

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