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  • Front Upper Frame Mounts for Bearing Style Coil Overs

  • Bolts onto backside of upper cross-shaft frame mount to locate (welding after this is recommended)

  • Converts upper shock stud mount to a bearing style upper shock mount (1″ wide x 1/2″ ID)

  • Does away with the sloppy stud / rubber bushing type upper coil over mount

  • Does away with the flattening of the rubber bushings that tends to happen over time on coil-over setups

  • More precise suspension movement is the direct result (no more rubber bushing slop to account for)

  • Uses any 1″ wide x 1/2″ ID upper shock mount. We recommend 4″ Stroke shocks for most applications (Note:  AFCO shocks require their “Z” Rod upper shock mount for vehicles wanting a low front ride height

  • Includes (2) Grade 8 shock bolts / nylocks, LH upper mount, RH upper mount, (2) travel limiter bolt pad brackets

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