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  • Full Solid Axle Convertions Package Includes the Following:  Fabricated 9″ housing / Bolt-in to locate cradle / Upper arms / Lower arms / Hardware (Does NOT include housing internals, brakes, CO’s, or ARB)

  • Housing in this package is a Chrome Moly 9″ and includes multi hole UCA mounts, multi hole LCA mounts, a backbrace, a lower brace, and coil-over brackets (also available in mild steel – deduct $200)

  • 3.5″ Axle Tubes with 3/8″ faceplate for the Chrome Moly Housing – will accept 9″ or 9.5″ ring gears

  • Chrome Moly cradle that bolts in the the factory frame (to locate) and REQUIRES additional welding to your cage or the rear crossmember to further brace it up

  • Cradle features multi hole UCA mounts and multi hole LCA mounts

  • Chrome Moly upper control arms / includes LH and RH Chrome Moly rod ends / Double Adjustable

  • Chrome Moly lower control arms / includes LH and RH Chrome Moly rod ends / Double Adjustable

  • Will NOT use stock shocks / stock location coil overs.  An upper coil over crossmember MUST be fabricated in the car, and is NOT included.

  • Will NOT use stock driveshaft when converting to this 9″ Housing.

  • Will NOT use stock / aftermarket rear brakes that might currently be on your IRS

NOTE:  This cradle is NOT to be used as is.  It will bolt-in TO LOCATE to the factory frame once the stock IRS is all removed.  But you NEED to connect / brace it to your existing cage or the factory crossmember in the car.

NOTE:  We can also supply the axles, center section, brakes, ARB, and coil-overs.  There are many options there, so call for pricing on those items, since it’s not so cut-and-dry.

*** CALL to Order / Not available to order online due to the freight costs involved! ***

Request a freight quote (please include full shipping address)

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